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Refinance or Top Up Loans on Your Home


Many banks offer something called a Top Up loan on almost all loan products, be it car loan or personal loan or business loan or home loan or mortgage loan. Restricting ourselves to our loan types, even mortgage loans and … Continue reading

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5 Things to do Before Closing Your Mortgage / Home Loan


Many of you who have taken a home loan definitely feel the pinch when we have to pay the EMI month on month. Along with our substantial home loan or mortgage loan if there are additional loans like car loan … Continue reading

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First Time Home Buyers Guide from Raindrops – Part 2


Affordability and Minimum needs are the two basic parameters one has to look for while buying his dream home. Now we shall get a bit deeper to understand what further points are these two parameters are made of to analyze … Continue reading

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Real Estate sector and its impact on Economy


A recent report stated that the year 2013 will see the real estate sector contributing 6.3% to India’s GDP. It further drills down the data to present us the fact that over 3.6 billion square feet of area is coming … Continue reading

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Home Improvement Loans (Part-2)


Before we embark on how to apply and avail the home improvement loans, we shall see why banks or any other financial institutions are more than willing to dole away their funds to finance your dream plan. Adding more square … Continue reading

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