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5 Low-Cost Cool Ideas for Your Home


Human mind is creative and it loves changes. When our mind expects change in job, change in what we eat, should we not change or remodel your home where you live once a year at least? After all home is … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Fire Proof Your Home


Thank God in India we hardly have anything called wild fires like the ones we often hear in America or Australia. On a lighter note we hear you say where are forests in India. These forest fires, often called wild … Continue reading

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6 Easy Ways to Plan Your Backyard Kitchen Garden


You may just have a small backyard which approximately measures just a meager 250 sq ft. You would have been thought that small area cannot support a family. You are surprisingly wrong. A 250 sq ft. space can supply a … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Energy Efficient Landscaping


Off late energy efficiency has been the buzzword. It is now a fashion statement to tell that one lives in an energy efficient homes. Something positive indeed, but rather the readers are scared into a belief that making an energy … Continue reading

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Green Area Ratio Program


Green Area Ratio is a very broad concept that deals with how land can be used to support more sustainable development so that they rather compliment the ecology surrounding without causing much harm to it. Broadly GAR talks about how … Continue reading

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