Housing Units Shortage in Tamil Nadu

A Technical group of Union housing ministry conducted a study and it estimates that the housing demand for Tamil Nadu at the end of the 10th five year plan (2007-2008) was at a shortage of 2.82 millions. The comprehensive study gave an astounding figure of 24.71 million housing shortage for the whole of India.

Actually the state of Maharashtra topped the list with a shortage of over 3.72 million housing units. Andhra Pradesh came third with a shortage of 1.95 million homes.

Tamil Nadu incidentally has the highest number of homeless, about 7.3% of the total homeless population in the country. In Chennai it is estimated that 75% of them are without pukka home or are people who live in rented accommodation and do not possess home of their own. This need for home is expected to push the demand and the state is poised to show a robust growth in terms of number of units built. Flat builders in Chennai are determined to take note of the demand and are making their earnest efforts to contribute positively to address the housing shortage.

(From our Raindrop Correspondent)

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